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Michael Briguglio is a dad, political sociologist, local councillor and drummer from Malta.

Michael has a Doctorate in Sociology, and lectures at the University of Malta. His main sociological research interests are politics, social movements, environment and social policy, and he has published research in these areas. He is also a co-founder and public relations officer of the Malta Sociological Association.

Michael is a Local Councillor in Sliema and has been elected four times since 2003.

Michael has been involved in civil society since the 1990s and is currently active in Front Harsien ODZ and Civil Society Network.

Michael is a rock drummer with Norm Rejection which he co-founded in 1994. His drumming features on various albums and EPs, most notably with Norm Rejection and Dripht.

He is a weekly columnist for the Times of Malta (Monday edition).

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